Mehrkanal Solutions

MEHRKANAL helps you to ensure CI-conform communications between all

participants in the marketing value chain, even if you have a

decentralised sales organisation.

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You’ve got the brand.

You’ve got a successful brand name company.

And great products.

You're planning a product launch.

Campaign planning up

to product launch

You’re planning a campaign to launch the product in the market and promote it effectively.


campaign design

To reach your customers, you design the campaign for a range of different communication channels.

Campaign promotion in a

decentralised sales organisation

You sell your products via a decentralised sales network. It includes distributors, franchisees, agents and shops. To ensure that all these partners can use the campaign for promotion purposes in their region, headquarters has to provide all of them with access to the advertising materials.

Marketing Management System

The solution:

a MEHRKANAL marketing management portal

Our Marketing Management System is a web-based tool that you can use to make all key advertising materials available to your partners, whether you’re rolling out your central marketing nationally or internationally.

Support, motivation and

incentives for partners

Support your partners’ marketing activities by providing them with classic advertising media plus other assets. And give them simple marketing and campaign planning tools. Interfaces to import additional information into the system from external data sources maximise the efficiency of the campaign planning and implementation process.


There are numerous customisation options so that partners can set themselves up as competent local brand ambassadors yet still communicate in line with the CI policy.

360° brand communication with

cross-media campaigns in the same system

Automated processes and connections to diverse media databases make it possible for the partners to book and distribute customised advertising materials directly via the system. Then, they can implement targeted consumer communications by way of perfectly positioned advertisements, online banners, etc.

Brand reinforcement + sales promotion =


Cross-media advertising campaigns help your partners to raise awareness for their products and build trust. They generate new leads, boost sales and contribute to the success of a strong brand.

Reporting: transparent analysis

of marketing activities

Follow the success of a campaign or the use of the different advertising materials. Keep track of advertising budget fund appropriation and prepare the next campaign on the basis of numerous analyses.

  • Maximize your efficiency
  • Empower your partners
  • Increase your local business - worldwide
  • Strengthen your brand