Website construction kit

Simple and individual management of central content. The flexible website for local marketing.

The website construction kit module was developed to effectively reconcile the interests of the distribution partners and the brand.

The partner manages and updates the content of his individual website via the Marketing Management System. National content such as campaigns can be centrally integrated in the website without the distribution partner having to do anything, so central measures can be rolled out on the local website.Fast, simple and always up to date.

Intelligent mechanisms are used for the search engine optimisation of our website modules. They ensure the web pages’ visibility in search engine result pages. At the same time, they can be used as landing pages for SEA campaigns, so they form the basis for search engine advertising.


  • Dealer websites conform to the corporate design
  • Integration as a module in existing websites is possible
  • Dealers can design their own text and image content
  • Easy to use without technical know-how
  • Targeted incorporation of mandatory content (e.g. promotions, news)
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