Digital signage

On-screen sales promotion. TV at your point of sale.

Distribution partners and dealers can use this model for modern and individual showroom advertising.

They use the scenes provided in the system to put together their own TV programme in top HD quality. The only thing required to use the module is a mini PC.

All other steps, including programme production, are free of charge and simple to perform.


  • A clear advantage, in addition to the simple operation of the program and customisation option, is the networking of the mini PC to the MMS
  • Use of the showroom is maximised by modern and individual showroom advertising
  • The module is easy to use and self-explanatory
  • There is a selection of advertising, image and product videos in the system
  • Combination of pre-produced scenes with customisation options
  • Local content is superimposed with central commercials, e.g. current campaign commercials
  • The MMS provides the latest update status and good connection quality
  • Image/video expiry dates to prevent violations of usage rights
  • Automatic Wi-Fi synchronisation of the mini PC and the MMS
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