Marketing planner
Plan central campaigns and communicate them to the partners. The marketing planner keeps decentralised sales units up to date on all relevant marketing activities at headquarters and gives them the opportunity to align their own local activities with the central ones.
Campaign manager
Clear presentation of diverse campaigns and all associated advertising materials. ‘Assistants‘ enable the automatic use of data that has been entered for all other campaign advertising materials. This generates synergies and optimises campaign management.
Best practice
Best practice examples as motivators for distribution partners. The examples of successful marketing activities plus detailed descriptions provide distribution partners with new ideas and incentives for their own advertising activities.
Standardised or customised reports for the analysis of past and present marketing activities – straight from the Marketing Management System. External data can also be integrated in reports via diverse interfaces.
Advertising cost subsidy manager
Central creation and management of budget accounts and automatic advertising cost subsidy applications in the system. The budget preview is displayed automatically whenever a booking is made. For transparent advertising budget management. Both for the partners and for headquarters.
E-mail newsletter
An inexpensive digital advertising medium that can be customised with the templates provided. Own distribution lists can be uploaded, or the newsletter can be sent to the recipients on a central address list from a CRM system. A „blacklist” ensures that recipients who have unsubscribed from the newsletter don’t receive it again.
Website construction kit
A centrally provided website with customisation options for distribution partners. The website unites central and regional interests, and ensures that all partners have a uniform CI on the web.
Online banner
Easy-to-customise online banners for placement on the portals that the target group uses. Either conveniently download the file and integrate it in any website or send it to a marketing services provider straight from the system.
Promotions and events
Ready-made promotion and event posters for all occasions. Materials are made available in the system for booking, and personnel can also be organised if required. This service is available both on a stand-alone basis or as part of a package. For the effective organisation of product launches and other promotions.
Mobile marketing
Customise information at any time and use it to reach mobile target group members. Mobile messages are defined and budgeted in advance, then sent via SMS to the target group members’ mobile phones.
Outdoor advertising
Poster and petrol-pump advertising with high reach that is individually selected according to geographical region, address or postal code. Citylight posters can also be customised, booked and produced, and advertisements can be placed on public transport.
Digital signage
Individual design, adaptation and playback. The combination of centrally provided advertising, image and product videos with special offer scenes that can be customised by the partner provide interesting TV content in the showroom.
Direct mail
Customisation, booking and production of brochures or pamphlets. Afterwards, the distribution can be booked straight from the system via an interface to Deutsche Post. The selection of the region and target group enables geographical and target-group-specific control of advertising messages.
Radio commercial
Simple and efficient radio advertising with centrally produced commercials. Station selection, broadcasting slot scheduling, as well as feature orders and production, are done in the system.
Digital photo frame
Sales promotion slide shows with individually designed scenes. Here, too, centrally provided advertising, image and product videos can be combined with customised special offer scenes and distributed for use on all devices with standard USB ports.
Customisation, booking and production of supplements. Comprehensive databases with distribution media for the whole of Germany are available.
Fast, simple, corporate design compliant and customised advertisements for advertising papers, newspapers and magazines. Placement, booking and print data distribution are all done in the system.
Media asset management
The media asset management module provides dealers with a comprehensive selection of media data for their marketing activities. They are made available in the system as assets, sorted thematically into asset groups. For centrally managed, user-oriented and uniform brand identity.
Online shop
A logically designed order system for diverse advertising materials, POS materials, promotion and event packages. Everything is available online on the Marketing Management System for simple operation and user orientation.
Print mailshot
Centrally provided print mailshots with a wide range of customisation options. Data records can be imported and central CRM data can be used without a problem. A partnership with Deutsche Post makes it possible to arrange for the distribution of the mailshots directly via the system.

Central marketing departments, distributors and dealers, franchise holders and outlets can use our web-based Marketing Management System to implement digital and analogue marketing measures that are 100% compliant with your CI. Guaranteed!

With the MEHRKANAL Marketing Management System, you get everything from one single platform, from planning to customisation, booking and production to distribution. The fully automated processes save a lot of time and help you and your partners to market your products efficiently. Comprehensive reporting tools that are integrated in the system also allow you to perform detailed analyses of all your marketing activities.

The MEHRKANAL Marketing Management System can be individually adapted to any need or problem. It has a modular design, so you can either use it on a stand-alone basis or as a total solution in combination with our comprehensive portfolio of services.

System base

The system base is the core element and prerequisite for the use of our Marketing Management System. This is where the Marketing Management System’s fundamental settings are created and controlled, from central data storage, to the roles and rights system and B2B communications.

Our system is multilingual, so we can set up a marketing management portal that is available to different countries in different languages. And it naturally also takes the different national formats, currencies and taxes into account. This is how we promote your brand internationally. The system base functions as a docking station for all modules and external data sources that enhance our system, such as media data or diverse interfaces for publishing companies, service providers and partners.

Management modules

This level of the system maps the planning, management and control of advertising activities. The modules here ensure that partners always have an overview of the central campaign and the relevant advertising materials. It also allows them to align their own activities with them. The result is a guaranteed profitable advertising impact. At the same time, the advertising cost subsidy manager module ensures transparency regarding the available advertising budget, as well as scheduled and implemented expenses. Various reporting tools allow end-to-end tracking of marketing activities and provide insights into the effectiveness of individual activities and campaigns.

All Modules

Modules for individual marketing

The individual advertising modules provide your partners with numerous advertising materials which they can adapt to their own needs within the defined framework. Numerous customisation options permit the CI-compliant communication of the core brand and brand message, while putting the focus on the partner’s specific offers. Connection to publishing and billboard company databases, and interfaces to Deutsche Post, make it possible to subsequently place, book and distribute advertising materials directly via the portal. This facilitates simple and targeted communications for specific target groups.

All Modules

In line with the systematic marketing concept, the following features make our system a tool that optimises your marketing activities:

Integrated 360° approach

Our system’s integrated 360° approach covers all relevant communication channels – for multichannel marketing that is guaranteed to be a success. In addition to a comprehensive range of advertising materials that can be directly customised, booked and placed via the system, specially developed planning or reporting tools deliver the necessary planning security and comprehensive analysis options for online, print or multimedia. All from one single system. Generating special synergy effects and enhancing the efficiency of internal and external brand communications.

Modular design

The system has a modular design. Only the system base is a prerequisite for its use. Any number of modules can be added to the system base so that you can design your marketing activities to be just as unique as your brand. You decide which advertising materials you make available to your partners on the basis of our modules.

Integration capability

One of our system’s special features is its open design, which means it can be used to connect other systems. External data sources such as customer relationship management (CRM) systems or merchandise management systems (e.g. SAP) or product information management (PIM) systems can be quickly and simply integrated in existing infrastructures at any time.

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