The new Ford eShop: Approximately 500 promotional articles for Ford dealers online

Essen, 2014-01-14

Ford is re-inventing the promotional materials shop system for its distributors: together with the Mehrkanal agency, the German automobile manufacturer has developed a shop system through which its partners can easily order the promotional materials they need online. A total of 1,800 Ford partners within Germany will benefit from the new Ford eShop.

The manual effort previously needed to order promotional materials using a fax form is now finally a thing of the past – Ford is automating the ordering process and to this end, together with the Mehrkanal agency, has developed a Ford eShop through which the associated partners can very easily order their promotional materials online in the future.

Overall, about 500 articles from a total of 45 categories will be clearly presented there, and can be ordered simply by clicking on them. By means of a digital interface to logistics provider arvato, the orders will be received and processed directly without complicated intermediate steps, so that the desired promotional materials will arrive at the salesrooms of our partners even more quickly. The highlight is the fact that each partner can closely track his orders thanks to the shipment tracking function, and will know in advance when the materials are scheduled to arrive.

The Ford eShop will be integrated into the Ford Marketing Management System already set up by Mehrkanal and will therefore be available to all 1,800 associated Ford dealers as part of the 360-degree mechanics of the system. Since the system was programmed for international use, the Ford eShop can also be provided to other country installations at any time.

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