Swiss Iveco Partners Use the Mehrkanal Modular Website Construction Kit

Essen, 2013-01-15

On behalf of Iveco (Switzerland) AG, Mehrkanal has redeveloped the websites of Swiss Iveco partner operations: with numerous new functions and many practical advantages, in conformance with the brand, and multilingual, Iveco partners are now presenting their companies and their entire range of products on the Internet.

Mehrkanal has set up a dual-language dealer website construction kit exclusively for Swiss Iveco partners: In this way, German-speaking partners can maintain their websites in German and French-speaking companies can maintain theirs in French. The multilingual system is integrated into the Iveco Marketing Management System as a modular component. This enables the Iveco partners to conveniently and easily maintain their dealer websites via the Marketing Management System, and to publish current information on sales campaigns and product novelties on their dealer websites at any time.

Implementation of the new websites is proving to be very easy for Iveco partners. The dealers‘ existing URLs can be retained if desired. The new Iveco partner websites are user-friendly and inspiring at the same time. With the most up-to-date offerings and campaigns in the new vehicle, used vehicle, and service areas, the new Iveco partner websites offer an unmatched, comprehensive sales and service offering on the Swiss market.

Expansion of the Marketing Management System with additional communication channels is quite conceivable for the year 2013. The benefits from the newly created online marketing platform will continue to increase for the Swiss Iveco partners and help make its commercial marketing more professional.

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