Partnership between AutoScout24 Media and Mehrkanal simplifies advertisement management for manufacturers and dealers

Essen, 2011-08-24

Car manufacturers and dealers can now book online advertising directly on AutoScout24 too via the marketing management system operated by the Mehrkanal agency. In this way, customers have the option of integrating their campaigns into an additional communication channel. The first manufacturers, such as Peugeot, Ford and Kia Motors, are already making use of this service.

The customers can make the bookings quickly and easily by themselves. When a customer decides to place an advertisement for specified vehicles, he or she searches for the desired formats, such as banners and skyscrapers, in the Mehrkanal marketing management system using the building block concept. Once certain targeting criteria have been entered, such as the brand or model along with details of the advertising period and budget, an availability inquiry is made to AutoScout24 through the Mehrkanal system. The manufacturers/dealers can choose here whether their desired advertising formats are to be displayed immediately or at a specified point in time. Another advantage for customers is that they save a lot of time by booking advertisements with the help of this system extension, because data that has been entered once can be utilized in various communication channels. In addition to this, the dealers who place an advertisement are paid an advertising cost subsidy by the manufacturers in most cases.

First manufacturers already benefiting

For several years now, Mehrkanal has been developing individualized and modularly constructed marketing management systems for renowned brand-name manufacturers. The cooperation between AutoScout24 Media and Mehrkanal is already bearing the first fruits too, because manufacturers, such as Peugeot, Ford and Kia Motors, are already making use of the new service provided by the expanded marketing management system. “We see great potential for our online marketplace through our cooperation with Mehrkanal. By opening up our booking interface, car manufacturers and dealers have the benefit of being able to book their campaigns automatically online and presenting them on our exchange,” enthuses Alberto Sanz, Managing Director of AutoScout24. Markus Plaum, CEO of Mehrkanal GmbH, had the following to add regarding the cooperation: “Through the close cooperation with AutoScout24, we have realized a significant amount of value added for our automobile industry customers in the planning and implementation of their own personal marketing activities. We are happy to pass on the advantages of this partnership to our partners in the car industry, because we have been helping them to increase the efficiency of their marketing for years with our know-how and solutions”.

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