New look for the Extranet of Peugeot and Citroën Bank

Essen, 2014-02-20

Banque PSA Finance is providing a new information portal for Peugeot and Citroën auto dealers. The Extranet platform, reworked by Mehrkanal, features a new impressive structure and provides detailed information on all questions regarding financial services pertaining to automobiles.

Banque PSA Finance assists Peugeot and Citroën auto dealers in all matters relating to automotive financial services. Whether financial, insurance or service offerings – customised solutions have been helping both private and corporate customers fulfil their dreams of worry-free motoring since 1973. In order to provide the dealers with an information platform that contains all of the pertinent information on the bank’s services and campaigns, the company established its first Extranet platform in 2005, with the help of Mehrkanal. Now, after nine years, it has been completely re-launched by the Essen agency. “Due to the fact that we have continuously expanded our services and offerings in the past, the Extranet has also steadily grown. Unfortunately, it became increasingly less transparent as a result. There were no clear categories and many dealers were no longer able to find what they were actually looking for on behalf of their customers on the first go. The creation of a new, clearer structure then became a matter of necessity, which we once again entrusted to the competencies of the Mehrkanal agency.” states Laura Portretni, Marketing Consultant of Banque PSA Finance S.A., Germany Branch.

A Structured Presence with many Advantages
Right on time for the New Year, the Extranet platform emerges with a new sparkle. It is impressive not only due to its modern and transparent appearance, but also for its numerous new functions, which make it far easier for the user to navigate. Thanks to a rights and roles concept, sellers as well as managing directors and district managers or internal employees can access one and the same platform, and yet only view the content designated for their use. The products offered on the new information portal can be subdivided into the subject areas Financing and Leasing, Insurance, Service Agreements, Fleets, Purchasing Finance and Inventory Work. A quick search allows for direct access from the homepage of the portal to the respective subject areas. If training for new banking products is being scheduled, new documents will be ready for downloading; if new products are available in the advertising media shop or if new campaigns are pending over the next several weeks, the Extranet user will be notified of this news directly via a push-notice. You can then see right from the homepage the areas in which news has been posted, and thanks to the red icons you will no longer miss any important information.

An Information Portal as a Gateway to Numerous Advertising Media
In re-launching the Extranet, Mehrkanal placed a great deal of value on user friendliness in order to further increase acceptance of the portal. Managing Director Markus Plaum explains: “In this new edition of the Extranet of Banque PSA Finance, it was important for us to create a clearly structured platform which would impress the dealers, managing directors, district managers and internal employees with its ease of use and motivate them to use this platform repeatedly and with gusto. An advertising media shop is therefore integrated into the Extranet, for example, from which the dealers can procure various advertising media for their sales rooms or customer meetings directly from the system. The items offered originate from various external advertising media providers. To then make the ordering process as effective as possible, we have created interfaces that make it possible to convey orders directly from the Extranet to the providers and deliver the advertising media to the dealers in a timely manner. Admission into a sellers‘ club is also possible via the Extranet platform. Through the sellers‘ club, the bank can maintain regular contact with the dealers, motivate them and even reward them for successfully completed campaigns. Thus, the Extranet platform serves not only at the objective, technical and informative level, but also increases the emotional commitment of the users to the bank and their offerings and/or services.“

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