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Essen, 2011-12-20

The love for arts plays a very special role for the Mehrkanal GmbH: arts inspire one´s fantasy and stimulate the daily work – that is why the agency Mehrkanal considers the support of young artists as an investment in the future. Prospectively, the project “MEHRKUNST” will enhance the social commitment of Mehrkanal.
“MEHRKUNST” starts with the works of the artist James Larsen: “We chose James Larsen because we feel to be very close to his works. His paintings have a beauty which is distinctive. In his works, he merges differing cultures and perceptions in a very classy and expressive way.”, explains Markus Plaum, managing director of Mehrkanal.

Larsen sees his paintings as a window to another world: involving brilliant colour effects, he manages to combine the extremes. His works appear like a stage scenery with deepness and a great sense of harmony. The born Australian comes from a family of craftsmen and artists, whose roots are in New Zealand, Scandinavia and Germany. After his art studies in Australia, he lived in England and India for a considerable time. Since several years, Larsen is domiciled in Recklinghausen. Over the years, James Larsen devoted himself intensively to his Australian origin and repeatedly subjected his cultural and artistic identity to negotiation.

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