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Essen, 2017-01-25

In a world where digital connectivity is fast becoming the norm and companies of all sizes have an ever widening range of options available to them to communicate with customers and attract attention to their brands, it’s important to communicate with the “right” customers via the “right” channels at the “right” time and using the “right” words. This is especially challenging for decentrally organised companies with franchisees, stores or distributors. They need a central marketing strategy that takes their local partners’ needs into account. What does this mean specifically for marketing management?

Liaison with local partners on advertising campaigns is more important than ever before

Any centrally developed campaign to build a brand’s profile and get it noticed must have clearly defined advertising and promotional measures but also give the organisation’s “outposts” enough freedom, because they know their regional markets best. Efficient marketing management is a must in today’s markets because, without it, the integrated multichannel strategies that companies are deploying to remain successful would never work. MEHRKANAL GmbH has developed a system that effectively supports companies to harmonise content and communication styles for online shops, radio commercials, events, mailshots and mobile marketing.

CI-conform marketing management for decentralised organisations

As a company that has operations in several countries, MEHRKANAL GmbH knows just how important a carefully planned marketing management concept is in a decentralised organisation. It facilitates the CI-conform implementation of regional, national and international marketing campaigns with tools such as the Marketing Planner, which keeps all the sales units up-to-date on central advertising measures, or the Campaign Manager for easy access to all advertising media. The campaigns appeal to local target audiences while strengthening the brand nationally and internationally. An intelligent reporting system ensures that all results are measurable and can be optimised for future campaigns. The individual modules of the web-based marketing management system help everyone involved in the process to save time and work more cost-efficiently while still ensuring uniform branding.

Successful multichannel marketing

MEHRKANAL is the German word for “multichannel”, reflecting the fact that one of the system’s main strengths is that it permits the use of all available marketing channels. It ensures the central orchestration and coordination of uniform advertising measures but allows the individual sales units to control the media mix. Depending on the marketing strategy, the individual sales units can select the communication channels that are suitable for their regional markets and benefit from the synergetic effects of a common database, access to advertising media and know-how.

MEHRKANAL GmbH’s ingenious system makes marketing management efficient and cost-effective.

Source: (Verlagsgruppe Handelsblatt GmbH & Co. KG)

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