Exceptional customer experience: Show Room and Service TV for Ford

Essen, 2011-12-21

The brand Ford as a pioneer in innovative technologies is now receiving a very special attention: The new Ford show room TV creates an impressive world of designing the multimedia appearance in the car dealership. With this new medium, every trade partner can now transform his show room into a digital stage. Prospectively, more than 1.600 Ford partners in Germany can benefit from the new show room and service TV, which helps Ford dealers to present vehicle and service offers. The system is developed and offered by Mehrkanal.

It has a strong appeal and is close to the customer: the professional and CI-conformed display of product and image clips, sales campaigns, and service offers as well as individual and local offers create a new dimension of merchandising in car dealerships. The handling is easy and intelligent: The system can be operated and controlled from every PC workplace. Predefined script templates and extensive scene modules offer many configuration options and support the show room representation through the modern and attention-grabbing placement of image, product and service advertising in the customer´s area.

The system also provides the possibility to control contents centrally: That way, special theme campaigns can be automatically shown at every Ford partner during a certain timeframe. Furthermore, in future RSS feeds will bring important daily news into the show rooms of Ford partners. But also current and customer specific partner campaigns can, as needed, be played automatically at certain times of the day: The customer approach convinces through its inspiring nature and answers to the needs of target audiences. Families with kids, sports enthusiasts or older customers – there is really something for everyone: The Ford show room and service TV turns a visit to a car dealership into a special adventure.

The investments for the new Ford media player are surely worthwhile for the Ford sales partners – the presentation of their goods and services are well appreciated by the customers. Up to 50 per cent of the costs are even absorbed by the manufacturer. Roughly 16 Ford partners have already taken part in the pilot phase to help optimize the system: the feedback was very positive.

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