15 years of MEHRKANAL

Essen, 2018-07-02

Into the future with a start-up mentality

MEHRKANAL is celebrating its fifteenth year in business, combining its own experience with the spirit of innovation and future-oriented development. The agile, Essen-based company describes itself as an innovation leader, underlining not only its own position on the market but also its approach to thinking and doing business.


MEHRKANAL as a strategic partner
Founded in 2003, MEHRKANAL quickly made a name for itself among high-profile customers in many different sectors with its marketing management software. This resulted in rapid yet sustainable growth. The company now has over 120 employees and a large, ever-expanding customer base.

This means that MEHRKANAL is not just a software provider, but rather a name that guarantees marketing solutions that add value on many different levels. The unique combination of software and individual customer solutions paves the way for strategic partnerships.
With these especially close-knit collaborative activities combined with MEHRKANAL’s end-to-end “plan, perform and analyse” approach, customers and solution providers alike can gear themselves towards the future without losing sight of underlying needs and requirements. This also explains why so many customers have stayed loyal to MEHRKANAL to this day.


Driven by a start-up mentality
Over the past 15 years, MEHRKANAL has sought to strike a balance between sustainability and pioneering spirit. It is the company’s own innovation projects that are its driving force. The need to invest above all in such projects goes without saying for the team of managing directors consisting of Christian Behne, Markus Plaum and Peter Steckenborn. As Christian Behne explains: “We would not be where we are today without the constant innovation of our solutions. This goes both for the technical components and for our service-oriented approach.” Markus Plaum adds: “The market and its requirements are developing very rapidly. We aim to identify potential for improvement before customers do. The dynamic start-up mentality firmly rooted in our company philosophy is what allows us to look to the future with confidence.”


Heading for the future with MEHRKANAL
MEHRKANAL has a clearly defined objective for the future: to retain and build on its position as an innovation leader on the market.
Peter Steckenborn sums up how MEHRKANAL would like to achieve this: “We are remaining true to ourselves and are looking towards the future with our eyes open and our minds fully alert. As well as this, we have a highly skilled and highly motivated team of which we are very proud indeed. In this way, we will continue to work together successfully with our customers in a spirit of partnership and to look ahead to the future with our team.

MEHRKANAL is a strategic partner for national and international brand-oriented companies with decentralised trading structures. Thanks to a combination of software automation and individual services that remains unique on the market to date, MEHRKANAL – an agile company based in Essen, Germany – makes its customers’ marketing management as straightforward and efficient as possible. Bringing about a measurable increase in marketing performance.

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