Orchestrating your marketing content has never been easier


Content is king

The number of different advertising formats is ever increasing – which poses a challenge for brands. They require more and more material for more and more channels in order to continue offering relevant content for (potential) customers.

There is a never-ending demand for high-quality content. Creating content in the conventional way is extremely time-consuming, however – not to mention expensive. Especially for centrally managed brands with regional sales locations.

Thanks to our content orchestration concept, producing local advertising material has never been easier. Our tools allow you to create, adapt and display automated online and offline content that is hyper-personalised and tailored to specific locations.

Relevance is queen

The huge amount of advertising now displayed across every channel has made it increasingly difficult to reach customers with generalised marketing. People only read content that genuinely interests them. As a result, relevant content is the order of the day – and the more personalised the better.

Displaying relevant content in the right place at the right time guarantees you’ll attract your customers’ attention and takes you one step closer to a conversion. Our content orchestration makes it all happen.


Content ist King

Die zunehmende Formatvielfalt stellt werbetreibende Marken vor eine wachsende Herausforderung: Sie brauchen immer mehr Content für immer mehr Kanäle, um für Leads und Kunden konstant relevant zu sein.

Qualitative Inhalte gibt es also nie genug. Auf konventionellem Weg ist deren Kreation aber zeitintensiv und kostspielig. Gerade bei zentral gesteuerten Marken mit lokalen Vertriebsstandorten.


Relevanz ist Queen

Durch die hohe Werbedichte auf allen Kanälen wird es immer schwieriger, die Menschen mit pauschalen Werbebotschaften zu erreichen: Sie lesen nur noch das, was sie wirklich interessiert. Daher ist relevanter Content hoch im Kurs. Je individueller auf sie zugeschnitten, desto besser. 

Wenn Sie diese relevante Botschaft dann auch zur richtigen Zeit am richtigen Ort platzieren, ist Ihnen die Aufmerksamkeit Ihres Kunden sicher und der Abschluss rückt in greifbare Nähe. Unsere Content Orchestration macht genau das möglich.

Music to your ears

Content orchestration optimises your workflow, allowing you to prepare cross-channel advertising, distribute it to your various locations and tailor it to address specific customers.

We provide effective tools to help you curate this content. You can create fully automated, relevant marketing for local customers based on templates, assets, and location- and customer-specific data – saving you time, money and resources.

Location Campaign Tool

Production of local marketing content and distribution to your individual locations

It couldn’t be simpler: using our tools, you can orchestrate pre-prepared advertising for your various sales locations, which can be automatically adapted with location-specific information and displayed to local customers. So you can make your customers aware of local deals quickly, consistently and individually.

Lokales Marketing Kampagnen Tool

Display online and offline content and address every customer individually

It’s all at your fingertips: display one and the same content on all the relevant channels, and our system will automatically adapt it to the medium in question and link it with data from individual customer profiles. This allows you to precisely target the specific interests of each customer.


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