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Act local

Locally tailored advertising is incredibly important – both to your customers and your brand. Potential customers will only be interested in products and services that are available in their local branch and are therefore relevant to them.

Customising campaigns manually using local data is incredibly time-consuming, however, and not feasible for brands that manage their local marketing measures centrally.

Think central

Automating the integration of individual, location-specific information is a major advantage when it comes to implementing locally tailored marketing efficiently.

Marketing should still be able to be manually adapted, however, whether by a centralised team or regional branches. Our solution for centralised and local automation allows for both – helping you deliver the best local purchasing experience your customers have ever had.


So lokal wie möglich

Lokale Werbebotschaften sind für Marken und Menschen enorm wichtig. Denn die potenziellen Kunden interessieren sich nur für solche Angebote, die am Vertriebsstandort in ihrer Nähe verfügbar und damit für sie relevant sind.

Gleichzeitig ist eine manuelle Individualisierung von Kampagnen mit lokalen Daten sehr aufwändig und wäre gerade für Marken, die Maßnahmen zentral für ihre Standorte aussteuern, nicht handlebar.


So zentral wie nötig

Damit eine standortrelevante Marketingkommunikation effizient umgesetzt werden kann, ist ein möglichst hoher Automationsgrad zur standortbezogenen Individualisierung von entscheidendem Vorteil.

Dennoch sollten Maßnahmen weiterhin manuell anpassbar sein, sei es durch die Zentrale oder den Standort selbst. Unsere Lösung für zentrale und lokale Automation erlaubt beides. Für die beste Local Customer Experience, die Ihre Kunden jemals hatten.

Location-specific advertising at the drop of a hat

Our automated solutions allow you to generate advertising using relevant local content, simply and from a single centralised point. Content is created automatically and displayed for each of your individual locations.

You can adjust the degree of automation at any time and involve regional staff in preparing the content as desired. This allows you to reach your customers with local content that is as relevant as possible.


Locale automation

Individual and adaptable: using our tools, you can provide your regional sales locations with cross-channel advertising campaigns that have already been optimised and tailored to individual branches, and which can be adjusted to your marketing mix and budget as required. Alternatively, individual locations can sign up directly for the campaign and authorise you to publish the content automatically.


Centralised automation

Complete control: you make centralised decisions about which locations automatically create and publish what content, when it is released and what the budget is. Local data and the products and services on offer in specific branches are, of course, still taken into account.

Content preview for locations

Big-name brands use MEHRKANAL to plan their marketing communications

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